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There are so many flash and extravagant cars in Miami but none as beautiful as this.

I can only say you must have this experience if you like history about the places you visit. My wife and kids also loved the ride.

I would definitely recommended this tour for anyone who wants to see Miami's highlights in such an interesting way.

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The most original, historic way to discover an American city.

Venice has gondolas, Paris has 2CVS, Rome has Fiats, we have classic American convertibles from the movie "Grease"!

Discover rare American vintage cars and a wonderful, vibrant city in style with our affordable private tours of Miami and Miami Beach.

Among the best things to do in Miami is taking a private tour of our beautiful, surprising Miami in a convertible car. You benefit from a vantage point from every seat in the car so everyone gets to enjoy their tour. Plus, the personal touch you get with our affordable private tour and knowledgeable, pleasant guide is second to none. If you come with children, you get someone that helps you with them so you can have a wonderful time; this is definitely a kid friendly tour and a wonderful attraction for the little and big ones.

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