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Travel bloggers are not hard to come accross today, especially in this internet era expanding. Giving you a few names of travel bloggers would be an easy task and you will find them by yourself by just typing "Best Miami Travel Blogs" in the search bar of Google, Yahoo or Bing. But the challenge lies in the fact that you need to know where the advice comes from, because I am quite sure you understand that the source of the travel blog information is as important as the information itself. Would you follow the advice written on a Miami travel blog from someone that either never went to Miami or that enjoys let's say so-so hotels that this person depicts as marvelous? I am quite sure not, and I am certain that those travel bloggers do exist! This is not a critic but as you well know, everyone is different, everyone has a different experience and expectations. You need then to be sure that the travel blog is in phase with who you are and what you are looking for for your dream vacation. So how do you do that? Well, I wish I could give you a better answer but homework is kind of the only answer... You need to spend time learning about the source of the travel blog you are going to read. This means concretly searching your travel blogger to find out valuable information about him or her. This will honestly leave you with just a few names for travel bloggers but this will yield the best Miami travel blogs and bloggers, if your destination is Miami or Miami Beach but this applies to any destination in the world. Of course, checking where they post their articles is a very good choice to help you decide who are the best miami travel bloggers because serious publications will not allow them to post if not reliable. With that being said, we wish you a good hunt!!

Best Miami Travel Blog

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