A unique tour for a unique city

Every city is unique in its own way; but certain cities are more unique than others. They do not compare to any other and are not vaguely similar to another. Miami is that kind of city. Visiting a unique city should require a unique way of experiencing it. Well, it is done now in Miami and Miami Beach, thanks to City Tour in an Antique Car. Finally, a vintage American car can be enjoyed by each and everyone, not a luxury reserved to private collectors anymore or museum curators. So two thumbs up to City Tour in an Antique Car for their brand new company dedicated to giving tourists from the USA as well as abroad an unforgettable tour. And the best piece of news is that their private tours are absolutely affordable and priced very reasonably. So you have no more excuses to not indulged yourself with a private tour in a vintage American car. And who said that the fact that your ride is a convertible classic is not the cherry on the cake. Well it is. You truly have an unbeatable view of Miami and Miami Beach.

And if you are worried about bringing your children, worry no more. Your little ones are more than welcome during these kid friendly tours. A fun tour is ahead for the whole family!! Oh, yes, they indeed help you take care of the little ones while taking care of the big ones... you... as well. They go above and beyond so that everyone in the car have the best of times.

You go home with photo souvenirs and a double experience, the car and the city, that makes it worth every penny.

Fun Miami Beach Tour

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