You will find in this section all the answers to the most frequent questions we get. Should you not find the answer to your question(s) here, please contact us.

Is it a Private Tour?

Yes it is! Only you and your party will ride in our Antique Car. 

You will not sit next to a stranger, you will not be squeezed, you will not find yourself in a less than optimum back seat with no view, you will not have to wait for buses that take oftentimes 30 minutes to come just to discover you do not have room.


You have your own Chauffeur and this Tour is YOURS to enjoy fully.

When should your party arrive for the Tour?

Arrive at least 5-10 min. before departure time. If you are late, you will lose part or all of your tour with no partial or full refund. All your party must be on time for Tour to start timely.

How can you recognize your ride?

Easy! There are not that many Antique Cars going around. And our Chauffeurs wear uniforms with our Logo.

What is the duration of our Tours?

We offer five options so that everyone can find his/her happiness...


  • 30 min. to experience the car and discover Collins Avenue, a long street worth seeing sitting comfortable in a magnificent car.


  • 45 min. to enjoy the most famous street of Miami Beach, Ocean Drive, while feeling the breeze in your hair.


  • 1h 15 minutes to cruise the streets of Miami Beach in an amazing car and enjoy it all the way! 


  • 2h 00 to discover the breathtaking views of Miami's skyline as well as Miami Beach and our artsy nieghborhoods.


  • 2h 30 minutes to go to Cuba the time of a tour of Little Havana and to take in the beautiful views of the skyline of Miami and Miami Beach. You will see the Art Deco district as well.


  • 3h 30 minutes to cruise the streets of Miami in an amazing car and enjoy it all the way! 



Who drives our Antique Cars?

Chauffeurs that love Antique Cars, love People, love to show around the beautiful cities America has to offer.


Driving an Antique Car is not like driving a new car, not even a used car. Technology is different, sizes are very different.

What kind of Cars do we offer?

All our cars are convertibles allowing you to experience cities with their best views. Obviously to ride in a convertible is in itself an extraordinary experience and even more so in an antique car.


Our cars are generally from the 40's-50's except for some pieces that because of their rareness were worth acquiring and sharing. These can be from before or at the most from 1960.


Each city offers a different type of cars so you can experience different antique cars from different years (back then design and accessories changed drastically very often) while discovering different amazing cities.

Are our Cars originals?

Yes! You will see them as you would have seen them in the 40's-50's.

Originality is what makes an Antique Car's worth so even our motors are original. Our cars are 60 years old so obviously some parts have been rebuild or replaced by period correct parts.

Only our breaks are for security reasons disk breaks instead of drums breaks and of course music was only AM back then we have upgraded the music system while maintaining the original radio as well.

What is special about our Cars?

The first exceptional aspect is the uniqueness of the opportunity. Nowhere in the world can you ride in these cars, unless you own one of course. Antique Cars are exceptional cars; they have passed the test of time, they are mechanical marvels and they are a piece of Americana. What can be more magnificent than that? 

Is the Price indicated per Person or per Car?

All our prices are per car and include 4 persons in the ride. Prices indicated are based on 4 persons.

Should your party count 5 persons, we could arrange for the 5th person to join you for an additional $20 flat fee.

What kind of Tours do you offer?

Our Tours are entertaining and fun as well as informative. When children are aboard, attention is paid to them so they enjoy themselves!

Will there be a Commentary during the Tour?

Absolutely! Tours are narrated live.

What Languages are offered?

English, Spanish and French are offered for your tour.



What is the validity of my e-ticket?

Your ticket is valid for the date and time shown on it. Should you not present yourself at the most at the time shown on the date it is for, you will either lose the ride all together or have a shorten tour to respect other customers riding after you.

It is best to be at starting or pick-up point at least 5-10 minutes early.

Is it a Hop-On/Hop-Off Tour?

No. This is a private tour that is designed to let you enjoy riding an Antique Convertible Car as well as a tour. 

Do I need to buy my ticket in advance?

Yes. This is a reserved tour. You will not have to wait in line. We only work upon reservation. Reservations can be made up to 1 hour 30 before departing time upon availability.

In case of rain will the Tour be rescheduled?

Yes. In most cases and upon our discretion. For two reasons. First your comfort and pleasure. Second of all, our Cars are fragile and rain or inclement weather is not great for them.


Should we be got by rain, well, there is nothing we can do about it, the rest of the Tour will be with the top up. If the weather is too inclement, then, we will have to terminate the tour and as a courtesy we will offer a reschedule.

No refund will be offered in either case since circumstances are out of the Company's control. 

Can the Itinerary change?

Yes. Traffic is not managed by us but by our city and we need to respect city's ordinances. So if we are ordered to change our route, we will have to.


As well if traffic is very heavy, we might have to take an alternate route, like during conventions, etc... This is totally our of out control and we will ensure that although the route is changed, your experience is AMAZING regardless.

Are children accepted on the Tour?

Absolutely! Any age. We do not offer car seat though. Toddlers that can sit and stay put can sit on their own. Otherwise, they need to be on an adult's lap for security reasons. There is no leaning or standing authorized under any circumstances.

Are our tours Wheelchair accessible?

We are sorry but they are not since Antique Cars where not prepared for it. Please contact us and let's see if somehow we can work something out. Please only purchase your ticket(s) after we confirm in writting that we can offer you our services.

Is there a maximum weight per Car?

Yes. The maximum weight capacity of the car. In most cases, weight will not be an issue. Should you think it might be a problem, please contact us before you buy your tour to determine together if one car will be enough or more cars/tours should be booked. In case this is not mentioned to us before the tour starts, Chauffeur will to its own discretion refuse passengers to board the car for security reasons. . A second or more cars will be arranged and if all cars are booked, another tour will be arranged at a later time or date.

No refunds will be issued.

Can pick-up and/or drop-off from a residence or hotel be arranged?

Yes. For an additional fee of $75. We only pick up in zip codes 33141, 33140, 33139. 



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