About Us

City Tour in an Antique Car was born out of our love for antique cars and the wish to share those beautiful, rare classics with everyone.


In most places, there would be velvet ropes around our fleet of vehicles. These classic American convertibles date from the 1940s through the late 1950s; they're not only rare but difficult to repair if something goes wrong. But we feel that's not reason enough to keep them confined in a museum or as a private collection. Through a scrupulous maintenance program, we're confident enough to let you hop into these beauties on private tours of Miami and Miami Beach. While your hair blows in the breeze, you will learn about both the city and the car you're in.


Come and enjoy our magnificent American cars with your family, friends, better half or your employees and clients today!


Our Mission

City Tour in an Antique Car is passionately devoted to providing all our guests with a memorable, unprecedented experience. 


Our Team

Professional, friendly, smiling, knowledgeable, thoughtful and creative are a few of the attributes necessary to be recruited at City Tour in an Antique Car.


Our Standing

City Tour in an Antique Car offers exceptional, high-end tours of Miami and Miami Beach. We stand for quality with impeccable cars, knowledgeable, delightful chauffeurs, and little attentions that will make your escapade with us the highlight of your stay in Miami and Miami Beach.


Our Ranking

City Tour in an Antique Car offers the highest level of satisfaction among its guests. 

100% of our customers give us 5 stars.

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