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Sometimes it can be challenging to know which is the best option to sightsee a city and how much is the right amount of money that you should spend. Ultimately, it depends on what you enjoy, these are your vacations and you should have a great time!

Here are a few thoughts to assist you in your choice.

If seeing well is important to you

You will enjoy our convertibles because every seat is a vantage point. Adults and kids see everything front everywhere in our cars.


Disadvantage of Double Decker buses (hop-on, Hop-off) and vans: If you are on the wrong side of the bus or van, you will not be able to see anything because you are too high, or you have people blocking the view or you have a roof over your head blocking the view.

If not sitting next to a stranger is important to you

You will enjoy once again our private tour. Where you know who you sit next to.


Disadvantage of Double Decker buses (hop-on, Hop-off) and vans: 

We are in a hot city and yes people sweat a lot here, this is a reality you might be elbow to elbow with someone that sweats...

If unique experiences are important to you

You will enjoy our cars. As you will have noticed, there are no other companies offering to discover Miami in vintage cars...  or the USA for that matter. We are the only one. This is a unique opportuntiy to travel back in time!


Disadvantage of Double Decker buses (hop-on, Hop-off) and vans: 

Nothing to experience there, there are just means of transportation.

If nice weather is important to you

Miami is a place where it can rain unexpectedly. If the weather is not nice although we are not responsible for it, we will reschedule your tour so you can fully enjoy it.


Disadvantage of Double Decker buses (hop-on, Hop-off) and vans: 

Buses and vans work differently then we do and they do not have this flexibility.

If sitting together is important to you

You will enjoy our tour since it is private, which means it is only you with your family, or friends or better half. You can choose how you want to sit, you can even switch half-way through.


Disadvantage of Double Decker buses (hop-on, Hop-off) and vans: 

If it is high season it is hard to be able to sit together on the buses, sometimes the whole party is split altogether. Same goes with the van and you cannot get the front seats or best seats most of the times since there are only a few of them.

If you like to hear the narration in your language live

Your chauffeur and guide is here only for you. You can ask all the questions you have. This is an interactive experience. And the guide will speak your language as long as it is English, French or Spanish.


Disadvantage of Double Decker buses (hop-on, Hop-off) and vans: 

People come from different backgrounds so English is the default language and the rest is with headphones. Sometimes interferences are so bad, it is hard to hear anything. Many times as well the guide is more fluent in one language and it can be hard to understand the guide. 

If waiting is not your thing

We are always on time. Your tour is reserved for you. No waiting for late travelers and we go to your pace, you want a nice picture here and there, we slow down for you or even stop if it is possible.


Disadvantage of Double Decker buses (hop-on, Hop-off) and vans: 

Buses or vans need to wait for all their travelers even if you are on time and needless to say that buses have 30 minutes delay between buses, which can become more if traffic is heavy.

If sitting comfortably is important to you

Our classic cars are extremely comfortable. Cruising in them is very pleasant.


Disadvantage of Double Decker buses (hop-on, Hop-off):

Buses are equipped with hard, plastic seats. 

What about helicopter tours or boat tours?
They are great experiences. They give you a different view of Miami so if you can afford to enjoy them as well go for it; they give you another angle of our city.


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With City Tour in an Antique Car, you will experience a truly unique, private Miami tour or Miami Beach tour. This affordable private city tour has been rated as one of the best things to do in Miami and Miami Beach; a perfect romantic tour, a fun family tour, or a great time with friends. Treat yourself and especially your loved ones with this private tour that will remain forever, as so many of our guests have qualified it, as the highlight of their stay in our city.

Ride in a iconic American vintage convertible, sit back comfortably and enjoy panoramic views in an intimate manner.

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