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Interesting Facts

Hard to Repair

Interestingly, the technology and parts were relatively simple back in the 40's-50's, sadly there was no use of computers to tell you what is wrong with the car... So althought the part is simple to change, knowing which one requires a very highly trained mechanic.

Hard to Drive

Althought fun to drive when you know how, these wide and quite long cars are not that easy to drive in streets that are no longer made for them! And parking is another issue!


Discovering all the little details these cars count with is a source of marvel. You realize that not so much has been integrated in new cars since then...

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Rain is Enemy No1

Made to withstand any weather back in the 40's-50's, today's rain and for that matter snow or salted air are enemies of these cars. The undercarriage and many parts of the cars are very sensitive and subject to rusting quickly.

Not Meant to Be Driven

That's a good one for a car but it is entirely true. These antique cars are not meant to be driven today... They are meant to rest in museums. But we are so in love with these cars, we had to share them with the public. It is too unfair that only a few can really enjoy them. So we found a way... We take extra, extra care of our cars so they can be preserved as they should while still being shown and experience by everyone that so desires.

Originals are Rare

Finding parts from back in the day the cars were produced is no easy task but we strive to make it a reality because these cars deserve to be preserved as they used to be. Only in very rare instances do we replace parts with reproductions... only when parts stocks are gone...

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